Our Chamber

It’s 2018!

In the past, the Washington County Chamber has focused its efforts on economic development, event planning and then back to economic development. For several of it’s 50+ year history, the Chamber was a vibrant force in the county.

But, that has changed.

Economic downturns, dissension and a lack of focus put the Chamber in a precarious financial predicament, which resulted in the sale of the property on Washington Street. The sale restored out financial footing, and the Board dedicated itself anew to be an advocate for businesses here, providing opportunities for members to socialize and build relationships, and facilitate educational options and other events.
Thank you so very much for those of you that continue to support us! It is a known fact that Chamber Members get out of their Chamber what they put into it. That’s where you come in.
We want your input on what you need from us. We need volunteers to join us in delivering on our mission. Feel feel to contact us! Let’s make Washington County a great place to live, play and grow! 

Washington County Chamber Board of Directors